Start Walkin'

Start Walkin'

It doesn't require a pair of fancy boots to start walkin'. Find a comfortable pair of shoes, grab the dog, and get moving. Walking is an effective, low impact stress reducer. Best of all, it is an activity for all ages and requires nothing more than a consistent commitment.

Why not set up a walking program to provide support to colleagues? Holistic programs serve to enhance the mind, body, and spirit of individuals.

While you're at it, don't forget about one of your best friends. As you are benefiting from walking, your dog could be too. Having a dog to walk increases the chances that you will get out and walk more than once a day. In addition to providing purposeful activity, dog walking may create a form of social support that has been identified as an effective behavioral strategy for increasing physical activity.

Making simple lifestyle changes can help to add to your walking time throughout the day. Begin by taking the stairs instead of the elevator and you will not have to worry about buying a stair-climbing machine. The staircase at work is free and easy to start using. There's not even a need to change into work out clothes, so get started using those stairs today.

With all of the options available to increase walking time and physical activity, taking extra steps a day is easy and fun! You can even come up with your own methods for increasing your daily walking time. Share the health, invite family and friends to join you and everyone will benefit. Start walking today!

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