Resolve to Take Small Steps

One of the challenges with New Year's resolutions is that most people set unrealistic goals, then quickly become frustrated and give up. Any successful resolution needs to include small goals accompanied by a solid plan to achieve those goals.

Small, steady changes will take you further toward your goals without experiencing the "D" words -- disappointment, dread and defeat.

Strict changes, unless recommended by your health care provider, also typically lead to feelings of failure if you occasionally revert to an old, negative habit. Choosing and committing to small steps allows for forgiveness. And taking small steps forward and enjoying each victory, will help solidifify your resolution into a new, healthy habit.

One Idea? Walk More
  • Walk while meeting. It helps creativity.
  • Walk before work. Walk with a friend or family member, or make it your quiet time.
  • Walk during breaks.
  • Instead of driving around a neighborhood you are selling a listing in, walk through the neighborhood. Added bonus: do this regularly and you'll likely make several new contacts with friendly (or curious) neighbors.
  • Have a dog? Take them for longer, more frequent walks than usual.
  • Mark your walks on a calendar. Increase the frequency. Are you walking every day?
  • Take a Saturday morning walk with family or friends. Make it a habit.
Need more ideas? We have over 100 ideas!
Check back each day for a different small step you can take any time of the year:
Your Daily Small Step #0: Ask a friend to exercise with you.
Small Steps Can Make a BIG Difference

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